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How Success is not Measured by Mere Titles

Success is a term used widely these days to ascertain the level of the financial standing of an individual. It is a measure in monetary respects. To negate the aforesaid notion is like living in a fool’s paradise but I still prefer to give value to the intrinsic factors meaning the state of satisfaction you derive from a particular job role. Success to me is how good I am at performing a task or how comfortably I can execute the same.

I constantly strive to learn so that I could initiate something new every time, be creative and give birth to new ideas. It is because when I get to look back, say five years down the road, I can count as to how many of those came straight from my head or were nurtured by my mind. Success also calls for a competitive advantage over the other, be it professionally or in your routine life and it is by continually learning that you never stop winning. I am a firm believer in the fact.

The word ‘luck’ is a variable that keeps popping up alongside success. They are directly proportional and so they say, “if it weren’t my bad luck, I could have been more successful”. I think as a Muslim my locus of control rests with the Higher Power up above but I do not shy away from giving my best shot whenever the situation asks for it. Some success is fate but partially it is created by the individual.

In life; I consider mastering swimming, hitting the gym regularly without lapse, offering obligatory prayers, respecting elders, being down-to-earth, nailing public speaking, a perfectly timed punch or a kick waist-high in a fight, being confident and so on so forth, all as the success. It is because I compare myself to the person I was yesterday. Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jack Welch, Paulo Cohelo are few that have really inspired me in pushing further down the ladder of success with their storied careers (pardon me for not coming up with 20th-century names or authors or historians).

And who does not welcome a decent influx of money or income, a nice house or enjoy a ride in a fancy car? Quality adds to living without a shadow of a doubt, all you need to do, is to be willing to afford it.

That pretty much sums up my standards of success.