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What Is the Product Led Growth Strategy? The Ultimate PLG Playbook

If there is one thing I’ve learned about product led growth strategy is how a company adopts a certain software. In my experience, I have seen companies rely on skype for communication internally. It was the most go-to product I saw on the market until I used Slack.

Slack is everything bundled into one. Those of you who use it know that it’s easy. Skype is alright but when you’re working in large teams, slack’s the way. Now, this article is not about the benefits of Slack. Rather it tells how a product led growth strategy enables companies to adopt a particular software/service.

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What’s a VPN for? A Simple Explanation

What is a VPN and why do I need it.

A VPN offers anonymity to online users. VPN or virtual private network creates an encryption tunnel for your internet traffic to travel through it. Anyone watching is unable to see which website you’re visiting. Your online activity becomes invisible.

A VPN has servers that renders your IP appear from a different region or a country. So if you’re located in the US, with a VPN connected you’ll appear elsewhere in the world to the ISP. Say, France.

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Instagram Marketing: How Instagram Captions Drive IG Growth (in 2020)

Instagram marketing captions are all what stand between a good post and a bad post. I am aware Instagram is all about photos.

However, you must have noticed how people post long captions to go with the photo or the video.

You would probably notice that these are the most engaged posts you will find. Yes, hashtags matter, but more than that a good story.

You read that correctly. Instagram marketing captions are meant as a story. Write captions as you would narrate or tell a story.

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