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15 Best Vertical Laptop Stand Desks to Organize Workstation

The year 2020 has resulted in quite a few things that were little heard of before. This includes physical equipment such as a vertical laptop stand desk, and others – like:

  • Blue light glasses
  • Virtual job fairs
  • Cubii
  • DocuSign
  • Microsoft To Do
  • OnlyOffice

Besides, the year gave birth to work from home culture and TikTok trends. Many companies started working from home in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, the sale of masks went up and Zoom – online collab tool, took center stage.

You may have noticed that when a laptop isn’t in use, it takes up space. This is where a laptop vertical holder comes into play. It allows you to store your laptop vertically which saves up desk space. When you’re working, it’s best to have a cleaner desk whether at the office or home.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, there are going to be discounts on the sale of electronic items. These will include laptops, laptop stands, TVs, consoles, cameras, etc. In this article, you will find a list of laptop stands to declutter your work desk.

So, here’s hoping you’re staying positive and staying negative to kick start the holiday season.

1. OMOTON vertical laptop stand

It is an ideal choice for many users. For starters, the OMOTON vertical laptop stand is affordable. The stand:

  • Is made from anodized aluminum which means the aluminum is sandblasted and then brushed to give it a smooth stylized texture
  • Is extremely scratch resistant and
  • Is highly durable
  • Features a wide base that protects your laptop from falling
  • Comes with a non-toxic silicone mat and is centered around the grooves so your laptop is secured against any scratches

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The laptop stand offers a greater level of adjustability too. It can cater to laptops and notebooks of sizes ranging from 0.55 inches to 1.65 inches in thickness. Simply put, you can fit all kinds of laptops into the stand. In terms of height, the stand is tall enough to accommodate laptops that are 1.73 inches tall. Most laptops are below this limit which makes it suitable for modern laptops.

The stand supports a double-deck model with two equally sized grooves. Both are equipped with silicone non-slip mats as stated above. Therefore, you can fit two laptops in this holder simultaneously and they won’t brush up against one another. Thanks to the mats! Computers/laptops are a prized possession and to protect them, you can count on OMOTON vertical computer stand.

Moreover, you can adjust the size of the grooves by moving the brackets back and forth. Then tighten them with screws at the bottom. Its ease of use is another standout feature that makes this vertical laptop stand a bang for your buck.

2. Satechi Universal Vertical Aluminum Laptop Stand

Satechi vertical laptop desk stand:

  • Has a unique design.
  • Has an elegant curved shape at the bottom which elevates the stand about an inch from the table.
  • Is as stable as they come
  • Has groove placed in the middle making it incredibly strong

Who doesn’t like a laptop stand vertical with such structural integrity?

The curved and elegant design is not merely for show. They allow for airflow at the base of the stand and your laptop. If you have a laptop that heats up, this airflow support prevents the machine from overheating. Even if it is in a room that lacks some form of ventilation. On the other hand, it is one of the stylish and modern desk setups today!

The stand is made from sturdy anodized aluminum. Since the material is both lightweight and durable, its coating protects laptops against scratches. While at the same time reduces the risk of corrosive damage. The laptop stand comes in three different colors. Although, identical but has varying shades.

You can adjust the stand with the help of its backside knob. It is easier to use when compared with other screw-adjustable setups or stands. The Satechi Vertical Laptop Stand can cater widths ranging from 0.5 inches to 1.25 inches. It’s a high range and most laptops would fit in seamlessly.

The grooves are made of rubberized grips that line along each side of the slot. Thus, making it impossible for your machine or device to slip out. It is great for people who have a smaller desk space. You can count on it for providing you with valuable desk space.

3. JARLINK Vertical Laptop Stand (Upgraded Version)

This vertical laptop stand desk is made for 2-in-1 functionality. You can use it to hold together both larger and smaller laptops, even an iPhone. All forms of laptops such as Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell Latitude, or ASUS devices are easily catered to by JARLINK Vertical Laptop Stand.

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The stand:

  • Is built with anodized aluminum which provides scratch resistance. Best option for long-term investment
  • Is available in three different colors; black, gray, and silver
  • Has flat and wide base making it stable to hold laptops/devices. They won’t fall, no matter if it’s the taller ones or computer monitors.
  • Has bottom lined with rubber for enhanced grip which does not slide

Once the laptop is fixed into its grooves, forget about it going anywhere. It comes with two separate slots on the sides of its base. As mentioned, this can come in handy if you’re using a large device such as an external monitor and another smaller device.

You can adjust the slot sizes too. It can support the thickness of up to 0.9 – 2.8 inches. Simply tighten the screw to adjust the grooves like other stands. When purchasing, an Allen key is provided so you can make necessary adjustments. Screws are easier to turn and are located below the stand.

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The interior of the grooves is embedded with silicone mats offering much-needed scratch resistance. These not only hold the laptops and other devices but protect them from slipping accidentally. You will also notice an additional set of silicone mats on each side of the vertical groove walls. Their purpose is the same as that of bottom mats, strong grip, and scratch prevention.

4. Twelve South Bookarc vertical laptop stand for desk

If you’re a MacBook Air or Pro user then you’ll find Twelve South Bookarc right up your alley! Why? because it is the same team that develops accessories for Apple. The stand is a simple and effective means to hold your MacBook while saving you some space.

The design naturally is that of Apple’s. It comes in gray and silver colors. However, the only downside is, from making it the best vertical laptop stand, its inability to adjust. Out of all the stands, this one is non-adjustable. Rather it has a fixed width to accommodate a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. If you aren’t an Apple user, this might not be for you. Although, any other laptop will fit but not as good as a MacBook.

The rubber keeps your laptop scratch-free. You get a cable catch design that prevents the cable from falling on the ground upon disconnecting. It is best for people who rely on peripherals like an external keyboard or monitor for work.

5. Macally Vertical Laptop Stand

If you’re on a budget, Macally will do you good. The laptop stand offers:

  • A sleek design
  • A stunning look
  • An adjustable width

Its gray color is the user favorite. The stand caters to Apple MacBook users with the size dimensions of 7″ x 4″. Its USP is easily the adjustability factor. Any laptop that is between 0.63 and 1.19 inches in thickness are supported. This range means there are a variety of laptops Macally vertical stand can support.

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At the base, you will find screws that need to be loosened. You can then tighten them back up to secure the laptop in place. The stand has anti-scratch pads that leave your laptops unscathed. Moreover, its rubber feet prevent the stand from accidentally sliding on the desk.

It is an excellent laptop vertical stand for desk that is low on budget. You can count on it for high quality, design, adjustability, and affordability.

6. OMOTON Double vertical laptop holder

What if you have two laptops. The OMOTON Double vertical laptop stand can help you out. Their double desktop holder enables you to fit two laptops at the same time. Imagine having ample space and a cleaner desk. It has enough room to allow for better airflow i.e. cooling between both laptops. The laptop slots are adjustable. You can place anything from 0.55 to 1.65 inches in thickness and the stand guarantees to support it.

The slots are non-toxic and non-slip silicone mats provide a strong grip so your laptops don’t fall out. It naturally makes them scratch resistant. Who wants laptops with scratches on them? Furthermore, they are made of anodized aluminum which is a testament to high-quality.

So, all in all, people wanting to stack their two laptops together will find OMOTON Double to be right up their alley. It has a great design and is reasonably priced. If you own a MacBook Pro you’re in luck since the color is a close match.

7. Bestand Vertical Laptop Stand

Bestand not only allows you to hold a single laptop but also, a few other things. We’ll get to that in a moment. You can fit a laptop that is 11 to 26 millimeters in thickness. There is a screw available that you can use to adjust the thickness. The screws are smooth and work without breaking a sweat.

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Bestand laptop stand:

  • Is an absolute beauty design-wise
  • Lets you fit in a MacBook and other laptops too
  • Supports, in addition to the laptop slot, a slot to fit your remote, tablet, or, smartphone
  • Has both slots equipped with anti-wear silicone to prevent scratches

Isn’t this great?

At the base, there is another silicone section that brings stability to the stand so that your laptop does not fall.

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The best part is, the slot does not cover the whole laptop when it’s placed in the holder. Meaning, cooling isn’t an issue. A great vertical laptop stand that is sure to give you a bang for your buck.

8. VOGEK Vertical laptop deck

So far, we’ve seen laptop stands with adjustable slots that can be narrowed or widened with the help of screws to fit a laptop. This is not the case with VOGEK. The approach is different. How so, you might ask?

Its construction has no moving parts rather supports a fixed stand. The rubber pads are all that keep a laptop in place. It comes with four different rubber inserts for the stand slot. Any laptop which is between 0.59 and 0.94 inches in thickness can be fitted by selecting the correct rubber insert for the slot. And it’s no hassle either. You can do it in a matter of seconds.

Laptops beyond the above limit will not fit. So, if this isn’t you, it doesn’t get any better than VOGEK Vertical. You get both build quality and functionality.

9. iQunix Vertical stand for laptop

iQunix supports MacBook Pro and Air models. The vertical laptop storage is exclusive to Apple. It’s affordable and has a simple design. The slot at its center is MacBook compatible which fits it perfectly. And the silicone lining present there will prevent your MacBook from getting scratched. The non-slip silicone mat at the bottom protects against any sliding of the stand which could lead to a laptop falling.

So, if a desk with aluminum alloy construction and rubberized protection is your thing, you may have a winner on your hands with iQunix. Throw its reasonable price into the mix and you’ve got the best stand there is!

10. Seenda Adjustable

Seenda is a 2-in-1 stand. It works as a stand, alright. But it is great:

  • For writing. It becomes ergonomic laptop stand for desk from an upright laptop stand position
  • For adjusting laptops that are between 0.47 and 1.02 inches making it a versatile one
  • On the inside i.e. the non-slip silicone mat prevents your laptop from scratches

As mentioned, it serves in an ergonomic position when typing. The rear section of the laptop is elevated as a result and you can prop up the keyboard to commence working.

It is especially helpful for people who have a home office set up to work during the pandemic. Your hands don’t get fatigued when writing for longer periods. Use the adjusting screw in the laptop holder to adjust the height as you like.

Seenda laptop stand adjustable will save you desktop space where you can accommodate a mouse pad, external screen, or any smaller device. Get your work done in a clutter-free environment.

11. Rain Design iLevel 2

Rain Design laptop stand provides high quality and adjustability ease. It is something worth paying for. It:

  • Can support laptops between 11 and 15 inches.
  • Has a grip to marvel at – sturdy and won’t let laptop slip from the vertical holder
  • Has a straightforward design i.e. stylish

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Adjustability is easier when compared to other laptop stands. The platform tilts upward when you turn the knob from left to right which is quite handy. The Rain Design iLevel 2 is made from anodized aluminum so, there’s that.

Its use, alongside a wireless mouse and external keyboard, has shown an improvement in posture as well as neck and arm pain.

12. Rain Design mStand

Rain Design mStand is a cheaper option than its other model. It looks like a stack of books. It supports the usual anodized aluminum alloy material and can laptops up to 15 inches.

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mStand comes with a hole for the power cable management in the back, and a nook to store your keyboard. The only downside is, that it isn’t adjustable.

13. Roost Laptop Stand

It is best for when you want to carry the stand to work and back home. For travelers or digital nomads, this happens to be the best fit. It is compact, portable, and of the sturdiest ones. You can set it up and collapse it easily. Roost does not compromise on stability.

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After you’re done working, you can fold it into the shape of a long, black stick. It has a three-height setting that can get tricky if you’re new. But with practice, you can become used to it.

14. Nexstand Laptop Stand

Nexstand is similar to Roost in design and build. It’s comparatively more portable. Easy to set up and break down. It can support up to 15 inches laptops. However, it is less secure. The primary reason is its six height settings which require some getting used to. So double check when mounting your laptop on it.

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All in all, it is an affordable and decent alternative. A bit bigger than Roost and heavier too.

15. Nulaxy Laptop Stand

Nulaxy is adjustable not in height but also, in angle. Many of the adjustable vertical laptop stands have fixed angles of adjustment. Height adjustment is achieved simply by lifting only the back of the computer up and so it’s on a steeper angle as the front isn’t lifted at all. No more – with Nulaxy stand desk.

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Not overly portable (3-dimensional collapse-down like the Roost). Though, this stand:

  • Collapses down from 3 to 2 dimensional with a handle to hold on to and carry or fit into a laptop bag
  • Is stylish looking and a cheap vertical laptop stand than other equivalent brands
  • Has top build quality

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Factors to consider when buying a vertical laptop stand desk

While there are many laptops stands currently in the market, but there are few things that you need to be mindful of when making the purchase:

  • Height: A laptop should be able to get to your eye level when working or there is no point.
  • Adjustability: With different human body shapes and sizes, a person should have the flexibility to alter the vertical laptop stand desk accordingly.
  • Build quality: Strong build will ensure that your laptop is held firmly without the danger of falling.
  • Appearance: Of course, appearance matters. How the stand looks and feels is important. You can’t have an ugly stand at your desk.
  • Power cable management: It is a nice bonus if your stand has space that can allow for cables or cords to pass through so that your workspace stays decluttered.
  • Size and weight: You ought to be careful with the size and weight of the laptop stand. Is it portable? Easy to carry? You don’t want something that is a cause of trouble for you.
  • Ease of use: Can you safely place the laptop in it? Are locks or screws easy to tighten, etc.?

Although, we don’t live in a perfect world where you can have everything. But it’s good to keep an eye out for each of the above factors to make an informed decision.

Honorable mention: MOFT laptop stand

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