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Instagram Marketing: How Instagram Captions Drive IG Growth (in 2020)

Miscellaneous IG Hacks

  • Instagram profile lets you use hashtags in the bio/tag relevant accounts.
  • Put the DM feature to good use. If you are a business/brand elicit responses from your followers by encouraging them to DM you for queries or discussing sponsorship propositions.
  • Use a Public Profile and choose form either Business or Creator accounts. A label is displayed under your name. Mine’s Writer.
  • Add Email so that people can reach out to you.
  • You can view Analytics of who followed your account over a period of time and what level of engagement you received by posting at a certain hour.
  • IG algorithm prefers you to take pictures and videos from the camera within the app instead of uploading it from your camera roll
  • Instagram discourages the deletion or archiving of posts/videos.

So, if you are not already on TikTok and leveraging the platform for your brand (like many), try IG Reels – the latest addition by Instagram (read: Facebook). A feature meant to offset TikTok’s dominance in the 15 seconds video race.

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