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Instagram Marketing: How Instagram Captions Drive IG Growth (in 2020)

Instagram Stories

Ah, it’s the stories. Instagram stories are the greatest asset you can bank for reach. Add much as 25 stories a day and they will keep showing up in the stories of people from your niche.

A story could be anything. Your post even. They’ll have to click it in the story to view the full post and an interesting caption will take it from there.

If you have invested time and effort in writing the caption as advised above, there is nothing that can prevent you from achieving your desired goal.

As for the stories, these can be from the people you follow. Just post their videos or posts to your story if they have the re-share option enabled and voila!

Otherwise, download them on your phone and upload them from your gallery. Duh!

Instagram algorithm prefers that its options are utilized to the full effect. Therefore, use all the tools at your disposal when posting a story. This involves experimenting with different backgrounds, gifs, stickers, text styles, colors, effects, and emoticons.

Don’t go overboard. Just maintain a certain level of familiarity so the audience can identify your content.

Another feature is ‘Story Highlights’. See which one of your stories got the most views, then save them as a highlight on profile.

It tells you something in there connected with your audience. Pick and select carefully. You don’t want to overwhelm them with a huge library.

For organic reach, you can share your post as stories. If you want others to share your content as stories enable the “Allow Sharing” option in Privacy and Security > Story Sharing.


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