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Instagram Marketing: How Instagram Captions Drive IG Growth (in 2020)

8.    Call-to-action

Call-to-action or CTA is important for several reasons. If you are a business and were able to reach your audience through a post, it is time you turn them into a lead.

You can ask them to check out your new product or a discount by directing them to your website.

Ask them to fill in a form especially their email address and if you are lucky they might make the purchase afterward.

If you are a blogger, your post may have struck the chord with the audience, however, if you fail to get them to view your blog by providing a link to the latest post in your bio, the article is as good as being never written.

Oh, and Instagram does not allow links anywhere except in the website section of your profile. You can leave a link in the caption as part of your CTA which then they will have to copy and paste in their browser to access. Many do that, but it’s not clickable.

If you are a motivational speaker and thinker, you might want to take them to your YouTube page or to your website in order for them to download your e-book, say, on how to lead a life worth living.


if you are an SEO geek, you might want them to check out your pdf guide on some new hacks in the history or a video you have complied for them with tips on how to optimize for SEO, etc.

All the above makes a CTA such an essential element when writing Instagram captions.

An Instagram caption is the text that appears below an image or video on IG.

More and more Instagrammers are realizing that captions have a significant impact on engagement, organic visibility, and conversions.

Which is why interest in captions has exploded over the last 18 months.

In fact, we’re seeing a cottage industry cropping up around IG captions. For example, there’s a steady increase in the number of people offering instagram caption services. Along with a growth in YouTube videos and blog posts teaching people how to write compelling captions.

Brian Dean

Now that we know how to leverage captions for Instagram marketing, there is a bonus item that often gets overlooked.

What might that be? Read more to find out.


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