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Instagram Marketing: How Instagram Captions Drive IG Growth (in 2020)

How To Write Better Instagram Captions

To gain the traction and engagement you need on your post, following hacks apply in order to write a great caption:

1.    The Important Information

Important information needs to come first. If the post is about a dog, you need to tell why there is a dog in the photo.

Of course, you just wanted to put up a photo of your dog. However, why this particular photo is where your caption will do the talking.

So, it could read like, “Marley stood by the door as I start walking outside. Here’s he’s already missing me.”, something of the sort. You get the idea.

If it is a meal you prepared, say what it is, and the time it took you to cook the meal, etc.

2.    Tell A Story About Your Brand

The story could be anything. You need to write one that can connect better with your audience. If your audience is into movies, you can start by saying how an avid fan of movies you are.

You watch x number of movies a year and you avoided the y movie for some time but boy did it paid off or boy was it a waste of time. See?

Now you have got your audience intrigued. They might want to check the title. Those who have will comment saying how they agree with your analysis or don’t agree. That’s personal branding.

If it’s a company, it will delve into brief history and what they stand for and their story will pick from there.

3.    The Structure Of Your Captions

Structuring your Instagram caption is of paramount importance. Just like a reader would appreciate some white space amidst a block of text in a blog or an image, a person reading your caption would appreciate some kind of a break too.

You can do one of the following:

  • You can either break down your story into a number of paragraphs. That would leave a space between your text. The reader would know that here you have finished a certain part of your story and he can gear up for the next part.
  • The other thing that you could do is, insert the dotted line (…), hyphen (–), or (~) symbol to provide a break. You can similarly use them in between paragraphs to provide more clarity. Give double spaces and insert one of those.

4.    Ask Questions To Engage With Your Audience

Asking a question is great. The reader might have a question after reading your lengthy caption and by providing him an opportunity in the end you are making him comfortable.

So, you can end by saying, “So that’s how I was able to travel to the Himalayas in the winter. Do you have any Himalayan story of yours? Feel free to share it in the comments.”

Asking a question also helps you build rapport with your audience. It tells them that you are not only interested in speaking your side of the story but are giving them a chance to speak their minds.

Any hate comments, bullying, or trolling shouldn’t be allowed and that goes without saying.

If you ever experience that, you can always turn off commenting.

5.    Use Emojis

The use of emojis shows your personality. While structuring your Instagram caption you can support them with emojis. If you are a fitness brand you can show off by inserting a muscular arm or similar emoji to a greater effect.

Furthermore, emojis usually convey a better understanding of your message. That is not to say you stop relying on the text but in part, emotions are projected well, especially when you are writing an Instagram caption.

6.    Include Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags when relevant work wonders. There are four categories of hashtags:

  • Too popular
  • Very popular
  • Popular
  • Niche

The popularity figure is the number of times a hashtag has been used on Instagram. The right thing to do here is to use a mix and match approach. Balancing the hashtags in the too popular and very popular category is key to growing your audience in specific areas.

You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. It’s better to use all, but you can also make do with less. If they aren’t relevant, you don’t have to shove them into your post for the sake of it.

7.    Use Mentions To Increase Reach

When you mention someone or some brand in your post, it has higher chance of getting noticed. @mentions are known for increasing reach. Again, these should be relevant to your post.

Ideally, the story you are telling in your caption must naturally call for a ‘mention’.

“I ordered this book from @amazon and it arrived in two days. Thanks, guys for the fast delivery!”.

The mention in the caption maintains the flow and doesn’t appear forced. Truth be told, you can use @mentions in any way you want. It is at the very basic a shout-out.

Many people repost posts from influencers. Here it is good to mention the account you reposted from coupled with a caption how they influenced you or how they are an inspiration for you.

Throw in there some relevant hashtags and you have a winner!

There are apps that allow the copying of hashtags as well as captions from the original post. If you can’t think of anything, just repost and share it.

It will automatically include the username of the Instagram account. The best part, you both get visibility and traction.


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