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Se7en Things to Do After Being Hired

An injection/emergency might be painful to the patient/client. The practitioner/businessman needs to be very careful/prepared when it’s intravenous/administrative.

Because the active ingredient/financial requirement of the solution is to be immediately dispensed to the existing mechanism of the body/management to fight with the disease/problem and rapid response is expected to be observed at the site of action.

But you are not a medical consultant and certainly not a businessman. You are just making your living, earning the flour and the grains, the bounty, and the gains.

You are now out of the list of the unemployed individuals that constitute a percentage as high as a kid’s dream.

You’re hired, you’re doing a job and you are open to a world of opportunities that your employer has designed for you along with the course that will lead to your /their destiny.

Check out the post on how to develop a resume with actionable tips for getting hired.

Here’s what you do:

1. Obedience is the key to success

You don’t need to worry about planning your day, they already have. Another plus, you are no more available for your time-wasting friends and you can relax and socialize with the highly skilled professionals by your side.

Don’t get into making lists, drawings, and charts to display your creativity like a student does, instead just be available and attentive. It’ not complex anymore; simply do what you are asked to do and wait for the next instructions.

2. Don’t think about problems, just care about style

Style gets you noticed for sure, make a list of accessories and start buying the less expensive ones and gradually progress to the ones that cost 6 months of your saving.

Problems are a part of life and looking good helps you a lot to make confident decisions and have an impact over those who are already impressed by you.

3. You are being watched

Just play safe and don’t get caught, but don’t let the catches drop, do try. Avoid conflict, ignore anything bad, and follow the hierarchy to get noticed by the boss.

You don’t have to be a high-quality individual to secure the job, just be an average guy and if you think you can’t help the way you are, then take a completely different strategy and deliberately get caught.

4. Don’t do the hard work and stop playing not smart

Whether you are the one who works, his heart out or the one into deep spiritual or scientific or philosophical or religious or social concerns, close all your books and avoid speaking whenever you feel like doing so.

Be smart and in free time, devise ways to completing your task in the shortest possible time through vast data on the internet, you’ll find articles that will change the way you think forever.

5. Don’t rely on your own, follow someone

Just pick the existing office stars, shadow them, do some mocking, and invest all your efforts to become eligible to be their replacement.

Self-learning is not an art, but a mistake that people make and waste precious time that they could have been spending conventionally. You must have experienced failure sometime so don’t let it happen again and quietly follow the lead.

6. Euthanize your dreams and embrace the reality

If you have an outrageous plan that you think could be a breakthrough for you and the company, just be quiet and don’t let it out; after all, they’ve hired you, they know more than you know or won’t take long to find out if they don’t.

Besides, there’s a chance of your immaturity being exposed to the employer so the only thing you need to worry about is to sleep on time to wake up and not get late.

7. Always have a backup plan

You must have a bunch of successful friends who have been working in their fields for years or maybe your family supports and believes in you; it boosts your confidence but in case things don’t work out and you totally fail to adjust despite being blessed with the opportunity, you must have an escape plan.

Never forget to keep in touch with the friends and relatives who could get you hired somewhere else and don’t give up, maybe you will find another workplace that is made to suit the way you are.

Things that get you fired:

  • Inability to pick on tasks
  • Inefficiency to complete tasks
  • Being too smart to handle
  • Conflicting the boss
  • Playing politics
  • Displeasing or offensive behavior
  • Criminal activities


Usama writes unique and engaging content for niches involving technological trends, internet security, and digital marketing. He likes to play chess, loves to read, and is a movie buff.

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