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3 Actionable Tips to Write a Killer Resume

A resume is all about selling yourself, virtually.

It is that point in the recruitment or hiring process where you are not physically present but the employer is imagining you seated in front of him speaking about your personal and professional experiences in life since the more compelling your resume, the higher the chances that you will be called upon for an in-person interview.

In this article, I have compiled a list of best practices that will help you write a killer resume and which will immediately grab your employer’s attention. Without further ado, here goes:

1. Craft headline with Call-To-Action (CTA)

Your resume should begin with your complete name written in large font. Not too large but 24 font size is decent enough to kick start things.

In the header of your resume, make sure to mention your full name in CAPS on the left side, in the center – your contact number, and towards the far-right – your email.

The header serves to remind your employer at all times whose resume he’s going through and how to get in touch with the candidate quickly.

Moreover, below your name where you’ve begun your resume (and not the header), again state your contact number, email, and any social media profile link such as LinkedIn.

2. Write a summary of your career

Next up, give the heading Summary and briefly touch upon your professional experience and the domains you have worked in. Highlight the domains by underlining them or by using Italicize font in order for them to stand apart from the rest of the text.

In the summary section only, make a mention of your academic prowess and background while also stating what you aspire to become. Remember, the objective should coincide with the job you are applying for and thus, cannot be generic.

3. Time to get into details

After you have written the summary, it is time to break down things for your employer under the headings ‘Career History’, ‘Education’, and ‘Additional Info’.

Career history should list in detail about your past employers and the current, your position/title, in addition to how much span you have spent with each.

Job description or JD should only include points that you actually performed and any contributions you made that added value to that company.

For example, “As a trainer, I carried out training of branch officers in different regions” symbolizes your efforts to converge employees towards a common goal. Again, highlight the main keywords that resonate with the job you’re applying to.

As for education, if you are an experienced individual, the mention of the most recent qualification will do. However, if you’re a fresh graduate applying for a job first time – list down education details commencing from the most recent one up to your elementary school.

Additional info will mainly comprise of any skills or interests that you may have and can prove to be handy in carrying out the job you are applying to.

Above are a few actionable tips that you can incorporate to help your resume stand out from the crowd. Good luck!


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