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Complacency is Your Worst Enemy – A Poem

It had been one of those days for years now,

I had lived the same day over and over again now.

Decided to flex muscles & fly off to a “magical” realm of my own then,

Just breathed, closed my eyes & took a leap of faith then.

Wondered if it all mattered now,

Did the risk pay off now?

Insides continue to shout: “What the hell, Try making it last a while now”!

People said “Youse fool!” And called me naive then,

Stupid enough to follow his heart then,

What they didn’t realize was; my biggest fear was mediocrity then

A voice always spoke to me from within,

Was too caught up in being a robot from within.

Breaking free from one’s own chains isn’t so simple sire!

It takes a toll on you, but trance, shall help you step out, surefire.

Life’s a burn-out session unless a revolt begins from within,

Bumpy & spiraling outta’ control is how one should be livin’

Discerned the fact long before the Alchemist was written.

Complacency is your worst enemy,

Keep tabs on it every now & then.


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