Why Double ‘t’ in Writing Copy

First things first, why is there a double ‘t’ in writing copy when it’s spelled otherwise?

You know how happiness in Will Smith starrer The Pursuit of Happyness is spelled with a ‘y’ and in the film, he gives some bulls***t reasoning for it.

Consider this mine *mic drop*.

People are always fascinated by a piece of compelling content.


It’s both riveting and fun to read. Moreover, writing copy nurture leads and brings traffic.

Why do you think a review of a TV show or a film fares better than the other?

Of course,

It is the prowess of the one reviewing. Also because of how appealing and with simplicity the reviewer has presented it for YOU to read.

Since the Internet today serves as a platform for solutions to people’s problems, well-written content is all the more essential.

The idea behind writtingcopy.com is to provide you with content that aims to engage and make it worth your while.

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